Sportswear High School Fundraising Ideas that Boost Sales

Looking for unique high school fundraising ideas? Boost profits using custom sportswear with your school name and colors to motivate your students to sell.

Improve high school sales with sportswear incentives

By the time students reach high school age, most have grown skeptical of the average prize program associated with a catalog fundraiser. These same prizes used to get them excited about selling. Not anymore. They know that the prizes are usually cheap and thus won’t offer them much if any motivation to sell. Older sellers also understand that to reach the more appealing prize levels is not realistic for them.

As a result, they pay little to no attention to them. To improve sales, sometimes you need to come up with unique high school fundraising ideas. Thinking outside the box can be a benefit but you must have a good feel for your students and what inspires them.

Unfortunately, sponsors often find out too late when their fundraiser performs poorly. Is there a more viable solution? Several organizations have found success with alternative types of motivational plans. Among them are athletic teams and music groups. Here are 3 reasons why many high school groups have thrived use one such unique prize program, sportswear incentives:

1. Sportswear Incentives Add Intrinsic Value

For example, because student-athletes are associated with a team, they would be receiving something of value that is directly related to their activity. For example, winning a crewneck sweatshirt with their team name and colors would be much more important to them than winning a meaningless prize.

Directors may want their band students to wear their band polo shirts whenever they travel.

High school students, in general, consider sportswear items much more valuable because for them peer recognition is important. To be seen wearing gear that is associated with your group is important. And so is school pride and spirit.

  1. Embroidered Sportswear Enhances Unity

An insightful sponsor will leverage their sportswear prize program and use it as an opportunity to promote team spirit and unity. For example, a common seller goal can be set for everyone. The sponsor will ask each group member to sell the number of items required to win to the polo shirt, for instance. They may further promote this by telling their students that they will be wearing it whenever they travel. As a result, everyone on the team will be obligated to sell enough items to get the polo shirt. The only option is to possibly be the only teammate without it. Who would

want to be that student? And knowing that their teammates will be wearing it motivates everyone to work harder than they ordinarily would without this typeof incentive.

Understand the psychology behind motivating your students

  1. Sportswear Quality Justifies Higher Goals

In general, sponsors will be asking their students to sell more to reach the sportswear prize levels. This makes sense because you should have to work harder for something more meaningful and of better quality. This also helps improve high school fundraiser sales.

By knowing how many items it will take to reach the polo shirt level, for example, the coach can set a higher fundraising goal. Sportswear offers higher intrinsic and extrinsic value to everyone involved.

Experienced sponsors who are involved with high school students sometimes understand the need for ideas that will grab their attention.

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Sportswear High School Fundraising Ideas that Boost Sales

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